Pros and Cons of Living in Basement Apartments

With the increasing trend of shifting to Frisco apartments for rent, the vacant apartment rentals get filled out very early. In this scenario, seeing the various benefits of apartment living, people sometimes are willing to shift in the basement apartments. Living in basement apartments has attracted some people and they love this type of places while on the other hand some are totally against it. In paragraphs written below, both the pros and cons of living in basement apartments have been discussed.

The biggest advantage of having a basement apartment as living place is that the exit of apartment building is very near to it. If you are looking to go out, you do not need to pass through corridors or stairs. Just a few steps and you are outside Frisco apartments. To people who are fond of spending nights outside with friends it gives a great opportunity to leave and come any time at your home without disturbing your neighbors.

One can certainly use the outside space for planting a mini garden if gardening is your hobby and you love doing it. In this scenario, you will be able to enjoy your hobby and also the entrance of apartment would get a better look and ultimately leading to attraction of more customers and leading to benefit of owner.

Privacy can thoroughly be maintained while you are living in basement. A completely separate entry, different from main entry, is available for the basement. No matter at what time you come and no matter how many visitors come with you, nobody would be interfering in these matters. Basement living spaces are best for summer periods. They remain relatively cool considering rest of the cheap apartments in Frisco. This helps you in saving electricity bills which tend to get really high once you are using air conditioner.

In most apartment rentals in Frisco, laundry rooms are around basement. In this situation you can directly access laundry services without having to go anywhere else. There are also some negative points for basement living. Safety and security can be the biggest issue while adopting for basement living. Level of security, as compared to units of apartments in upper level, is next to negligible. Basement of some apartments lack fool proof security most of the times.

Living in basements mostly deprives you from natural sunlight. On a bright sunny morning, there is a bit of sunshine at a certain place in the basement and mostly it is gone for the rest of the day. Some glimpses of it might show while the sun is setting.

In case of winters, spending time in basement, especially at night, can be hell of a task. Mostly basements are known for remaining cool most of the times and in winters their coolness gets doubled and living in them can be very difficult.

Lack of fresh air and proper ventilation is also a problem. Living area might tend to decay and smell badly if fresh air does not pass through it.